Thursday, February 26, 2009

University of Michigan Available Librarians & Professional Positions


The University of Michigan Library seeks innovative librarians to join a dynamic, collegial team engaged in advancing research, collections, teaching, and learning in a client-oriented environment. In addition, the Library seeks candidates for various digital positions.

Successful candidates for our Public Services positions (described below) will balance a wide range of service-oriented activities including reference services and expert searching, teaching information literacy skills, curriculum-integrated instruction, collection development, outreach, and program and service development, while increasing outreach to and participation in the research process of a diverse population of faculty and students.

Science, Technology, and Medicine Librarians
Imagine an environment of integrated research, education, and community service where faculty, students, researchers, health care providers, and librarians explore their intersecting roles, adapt to changing environments and harness the power of new technologies to further the work of the University. We seek librarians to engage in answering questions such as:
· How should the library facilitate interdisciplinary and translational research? How does this inform our decisions about our facilities? programs? services? collections?
· What does it mean to be a collaborator rather than a support service?
· What is the library’s role in informatics education and research?
· How can the library best adapt to the changes in scholarly publishing?
· What is the science, technology, medical library of the future and how might we get there?

Coordinator of Public and Information Services, Asia Library
East Asian studies are moving rapidly in a digital direction and we seek a librarian interested in exploring the following questions:
What are the best practices for connecting with faculty and students who are specializing in East Asian studies?
How can the Asia Library play a role in promoting its services and collections to the population it serves?
What impact does technology have on scholarship in East Asian studies?
How does technology play a role in the access to information resources for international studies?
How do we use the web to best serve our user community?

Undergraduate Learning Librarians
Envision a collaborative learning environment where students ask questions, explore new ideas, think through complex issues, discover new ways of approaching research, learn various viewpoints, and create meaning out of disparate facts. We seek librarians to engage in answering questions such as:
· Is the library becoming an extension of the classroom? An extension of social functions? How does this impact spatial and programmatic design decisions? How does the library balance being where the students “are” and where they want the library “to be”?
What does it mean for an undergraduate library to be the intellectual center of the undergraduate experience? How does this translate into the services and facilities provided?
How should the library facilitate interdisciplinary work? How does this inform our decisions about our facilities? programs? services? collections?
How do technologies play a role in our services?
What is the future of instruction? How does that impact outreach and service efforts?

In addition to the cluster of Public Services positions described above, the Library seeks candidates for the digital resource positions that follow:

Text Creation Partnership, Project Outreach Librarian (term appointment)
Promoting the use of digitized materials for research and teaching is vital to supporting scholarship. We seek a librarian interested in engaging in questions such as:
· What role should libraries play in developing more sophisticated tools for humanities research?
· How is scholarship changed by access to large bodies of digitized historical materials?
· How can libraries support the use of encoded text in research and teaching?
· How do we nurture and sustain collaborative digitization projects across multiple institutions?

Digital Library Production Services, Head
The Digital Library Production Service is one of the nation’s premier organizations for the creation and support of digital library resources and infrastructure. We seek a future-oriented librarian to lead a skilled and diverse team in addressing challenges such as:
· How will the library adapt to its changing needs in digital library services, as well as those of its national and international clients and partners, in an increasingly integrated and collaborative information environment?
· What tools and services are needed to support research in this environment, and how will they be implemented?
· What new partnerships and opportunities in digital libraries do emerging technologies make possible?
· How can DLPS leverage its position as a national leader in digital libraries to forge and strengthen these partnerships, and continue to provide cutting-edge solutions for digital content delivery and preservation both locally and abroad?

Digital Preservation Librarian
Shape the future of tomorrow’s past. Join one of the world’s cutting-edge digital libraries in creating the field of digital preservation. Take on the challenge of exploring such concepts as:
What does preservation mean in the context of a digital library with holdings counted in millions?
Step-by-step, what does a library need to do to ensure that digital collections will be available ten years from now? 50 years? 100 years?
How does a digital repository assure users and partners that the holdings are secure for the long-term?
What does the community at all levels—students, faculty, librarians, the public at large—need to know about preserving digital information, and what is the best way to instruct them?

The University of Michigan, a leader in undergraduate and graduate education and one of the world’s premier research universities, has prominent faculty, rigorous academic programs, and a diverse cultural and social environment. Recent leadership examples include the launch of HathiTrust (, an unparalleled opportunity for the creation of new services in support of the teaching, learning, and research mission of the University; facility upgrades in support of undergraduate learning, writing, and research; launching of a new video archives collection; and our successful outreach efforts in support of medical clinical staff in support of evidence-based medicine. Situated in the heart of Ann Arbor, the University of Michigan is in a unique urban area with a small-town atmosphere and a vibrant cultural and intellectual sensibility.

Individuals with interest in and appropriate qualifications for one or more of these positions are encouraged to apply. For more information about specific responsibilities and qualifications, please visit To apply, email cover letter and resume to Review of applications will begin on April 24, 2009 and continue until the positions are filled. The University of Michigan is a non-discriminatory, affirmative action employer.

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